When Will You Update The Animation and Rigging Toolkit For Maya LT or Maya 2015?

The font’s are off and it’s impossible to read some of the selections in the pop up menus.
Example… Select “Epic Games” then “edit existing character.”
You will not be able to select an existing model because you can’t see the selections. I’m a student and have Maya 2014 and just updated to 2015, which has better modeling tools, and the animation toolkit works fine in Maya 2014, but is unusable in 2015.

i think it works fine just with 2015 maya release because its python script…but may require a few tweak special for maya 15

I’m not saying the software isn’t working… I’m saying that Maya 2015 scales the pop up boxes in an unusual way. The A.R.T pop ups can’t be re-sized and I can’t get to the functions in the bottom of some of the boxes. This is only an issue in my Maya 2015; when I’m in Maya 2014 the A.R.T works flawlessly.

As soon as I am able to get the maya 2015 upgrade at work (putting in a ticket now) I will make tweaks for any issues that come up. So far I have been unable to test in 2015 and on mac versions but am looking to get this fixed asap.

Maya LT doesn’t support Python(and a bunch of other crucial stuff) so it’s not supported.
Which sucks since the LT version of Maya is targeted at Indie Game developers. I think Autodesk should do like Epic and release there suite for 19$/mo and a 5% royalty for indies.

Who knew Epic was really gonna do something as EPIC as releasing the entire engine for such a fair deal!
I spoke to someone in the Maya LT forums and they reminded me that Maya LT was created for Indie, while Maya is for triple A game creators. Unity is considered that Indie tool of choice, and Unreal is considered UNREAL triple A status. I’m certainly Indie, and was leaning towards Unity until March 20th happened.


Yes it’s really unfortunate that Maya LT doesn’t not support any scripting at all. I really do hope they change that in the near future.

They actually support Mel after extension 2. But they still don’t support

  • Set driven key tool
  • Spline IK, spring IK
  • Complete set of geometry deformers
  • Geometry constraints
  • Substitute geometry tool for skin
  • Animation layers
  • and the list goes on

I also really do hope they change that in the near future.

I can’t even get the toolkit to work in Maya 2014. Either I am stupid or it still needs some work on 2014 before they should port it over to 2015.

The instructions are super simple to install, just drag and dropping the script and the tooltips bar into Maya. The location along with instructions can be found here on your computer:

I know. But it is currently broken and does not work with Student editions apparently.

Yea I visited your page and noticed your question. I’m a student in computer animation and we received the Ultimate Suite. So it works fine on my end, I a few of us even tested Maya 2013 beta. That’s how I was aware the fonts are of. Stay on top of them about A.R.T but in the mean time, learn blueprints. :slight_smile:

This is not entirely true, I use Maya 2014 (non student) and it crashes Maya when you first create skeleton. Tried several methods of hotfixes, none resolved the issue so Id say at this point its beta support at best.

Very strange. Obviously, we use it here at the studio, and have been for almost 2 years and are having no issues with skeleton creation, especially in a professional license of Maya. You get no actual errors? Just straight up crash to desktop? Is this with a custom mesh, or with the default proxy geometry? I ran into the issue you describe when I first used the tool in 2014, but that was ages ago and has been resolved.

It had to do with a scriptJob. Line 508 in ART_skeletonBuilderUI, if you were to comment out that line, it might fix your problems, though I’m not sure why. If that actually works for you, let me know and I’ll investigate further. Currently, I have that scriptJob running and no crashes :confused:

Whats not entirely true? Everything I speak about is true on my end of things. Different computers bring different problems. Maybe your computer can’t handle Maya. “shrug” I have no idea… We receive updates to A.R.T fixes here: Animation and Rigging Tools: FAQ, Known Issues and Feature Roadmap - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

We’re personally in dire need of using the ART for Maya LT; I hope they add python support + the features needed to fully implement.