When will we get good MeshDescriptions code Documentation?

Id like to use the meshDescriptions c++ code functions to create static meshes at runtime.
However the documentation on this stuff is lacking. Also there are no tutorials at all on the subject. And it seems no-one on the forums knows about this stuff.

I can use the existing code to generate meshes at runtime, and set the mesh’s UV0;
But I cant do much more than that.
How do I set UV1?
How do i set vertex colors?
These are things I cant figure out, and they are not documented. I dont know if this code is currently being worked on. I dont know what is a bug and what is expected behavior.

Welcome to the club haha.

Try looking into the GLTFRuntime plugin that is available on the marketplace. It could give you some ideas on what you are looking for.

I have some concerns on the efficiency of the process itself. If you intend on creating meshes with a large number of vertices, chances are this method is not going to be very useful. This is just based on some poking around i did in StaticMeshDescription.cpp and surrounding files.

Thanks, il look into it. I never did get vertex colors working.
The createFromStaticMeshDescriptions() function is indeed slow, compared to a procedural mesh component.

But if you are generating a few low-poly meshes, or pre-loading the meshes, its fine. A system like pmc or rmc is faster at generating meshes. however they do not support instancing, which is the reason i am not using them

So after looking at the glTF plugin I found out how to amke vertex colors work.

I had to call these functions after building the mesh.

StaticMesh->RenderData->LODResources[LODIndex].bHasColorVertexData = true;
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I believe RMC supports instancing. Saw something related to it in the documentation.

It definitely doesnt support gpu instancing, Its been asked for many times but is apparently not easy to add to rmc.