When will Unreal Engine Support Android Users?

I am a indie game developer and i want to make certain things and do certain things, but i need an iOS device! If I want to make a cut scene with people talking and make it look real i need to use the Facial Mocap. But lucky for android, I CAN’T! If i want to make a Virtual production cut scene, i need certain apps and certain iOS devices to make it possible. But again, i am an Android User, so I CAN NOT REACH MY FULL CREATIVE POTENTIAL! Then you might say “just get an Apple product!” Then ill tell you that i cant afford any Apple device.

So Unreal Engine Team, i have a request that i hope others may have too. Please expand your support to Android. for everything. Please. or just tell us if you are working on it. Its not fiar to anyone else. I understand majority of professionals use apple that does not mean you cant expand to Android.