When will Unreal Engine get a scripting alternative to C++ and blueprints?

I’m still pretty new to Unreal Engine. In the past I’ve found the Blueprints experience to be frustrating, slow, and unsatisfying (at least “coding” in blueprints). On the other end I found the C++ experience daunting and intimidating. I’ve tried it again in UE5, and I thought the C++ was a little better with the live++ feature, but still I find it hard to know exactly what is needed where and diagnosing issues.

Reading up a bit on alternatives I’ve found lots of references to SkookumScript, so I thought I’d give that a go, but it turns out that the plugin in the marketplace doesn’t appear to support UE5. Reading up again on UE5, it kind of seems like there is a subset of developers that are in limbo waiting for SkookumScript to be supported in UE5, or some vague hinted at scripting language called Unreal Verse (I believe). However I haven’t found anywhere where we can keep up with the latest developments for either of these, or a roadmap, or even what either of these solutions might look like.

Does anyone know of resources where we can follow along with the development of these solutions? Or maybe where we can find early access versions of these? Or even just a blog or something? Or does anyone on the Epic team want to comment about whether anything is actually in the works, and how long it might be before we get our next update on it’s development?


verse is indeed in development, but epic has avoided discussing it, and I don’t know why. According to the grapevine, verse will be released before the end of this year, and verse will also appear in fortnite creative 2.0. You can find a little clue about verse in this forum. The administrator of this forum is a member of the verse development team.


Epic likes to keep things hidden until last day. They were saying ‘We dont have any news to share regarding UE5’ literally 1 week before they released early access for it

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