When will UE4 export Web Player support?


Does anyone have a rough estimated time of arrival for UE4 export to Web Player? I cannot wait to play with this, it will make for some insane dissemination of the freemium model.

I know there was this demonstration that Epic Games released but I have not heard anything since -Mozilla and Epic Preview Unreal Engine 4 Running in Firefox

It’s not a web player, it just runs in HTML5, there’s a way to do it now, but they have some issues with compatibility with different browsers, they’re still working on it though, but it’s on the lower end of priorities compared to other platforms.

its supported right now, you need to build the engine from source including the frontend
some things are of course not working but on the whole it works fine

Is there a break down of how to do it anywhere? I would really like to give this a go.

I found this if anyone is interested?

I would love to see your results if anyone has tried it and got it working.

What is possible, will there be any interactivity, is animated mesh possible?

download and build the source from github, including the optional dependencies.
follow the guide you found, install emscripten ect.
not sure if its changed with 4.6 preview, but usually you have to build the frontend too.
once its all installed and built, open frontend, select your project, build to html5.
upload it to the interwebs

the link i posted before is the flying template, works for me in 32bit firefox
to see if something works or not you just have to try it.
good luck

Hi Tegleg,

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your answer.

I’ll be back :slight_smile: hopefully with results.

Hi Tegleg, just to keep you posted on this subject. Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon.