When will there be an update on HTML5?

I’d like to know what is the HTML5 department working on right now?.
When do you think you willinclude an Update?.

Please, I need an answer as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

What kind of update are you looking for, specifically?

Two important missing features on plate are level streaming and networking and we are working towards that. Other than that - better support for browsers and pre-built binary release. All Templates should all work out of the box

We are actively seeking user feedback and features needed for HTML5. Please let us know what specifically you need.

In first place: thank you so much for your quick answer!

We’re a startup, we’re building interactive web pages with unreal, thus, we’d like to know when are you planning a release with a better support for browsers, (packaging, compatibility with 32-bit… ) in order to prepare our project agenda with our clients.

We’re very interested on this, so if our work can be helpful in any way, we’d love to collaborate.

“User feedback and features needed for HTML5”

1 dramatically reduced package sizes for builds to allow short load times
2 support for screen space reflections, improved reflection probes
3 improved lighting, and reduced ambient occlusion artifacting
4 more comprehensive documentation/tutorials on how to build high quality (think epic citadel, not tappy chicken) games in webgl and how to deploy them
5 in project settings–>platforms–>HTML5, there is no optimization UI. It’s a blank window unlike the other platforms which allow for adjustments to the build. It’d be nice to have more control over how the project is built.