When will the QuickStart Guides be updated?

I have ran into several compatibility issues with the online Quickstart Guides. Apparently version 4.7 breaks a lot of the specific details, and newbies like me get easily tripped up when things look different or have changed names.

For example, I am playing with this one right now:

The character has a different name, is not in the directory described, and right-clicking in the content browser window makes a popup that is so different from the example that I thought I had done it wrong. It turns out there is a very thin vertical color bar on the right side of the menu (not shown online) and that vertical line means scroll down. Then the missing menu elements come into view.

Is there a schedule to fix these? I have a hunch I won’t need them in a few months, but I am afraid I will be posting tons of dumb questions because the documentation is hard to decipher.

Hi realmlord,

I have reported this as JIRA [UEDOC-1412]. Although I cannot give a definite date, this will be looked at and likely fixed for a near future build of the engine. Thanks for bringing these discrepancies in the documentation to our attention.

Hi realmlord,

These pages have been updated… Let us know if you find any more discrepancies.

Thanks for the feedback.