When will Project Tango support be accessible?

Warning: Multipart question. I’ll try to make the actual questions clear and obvious.

I saw some news articles that suggested that UE4 would eventually support Project Tango natively. However, I currently don’t see a card for it on the UE4 project roadmap. I am not currently a subscriber, but I’m ready to take the plunge with a little extra knowledge.

  1. Does any support for Tango currently exist above and beyond standard Android 4.4?
  2. Can this support be accessed in any way?

The SDK is downloadable in two forms, a java form (one file, .jar) and a c form (two files, .h and .so).

  1. Would it be possible to set up a project to use the available downloadable sdk?
  2. If so, would it be possible to wrap these in such a way that they’d be available as blueprints, or would I be limited to text based code editing?

I’m not completely familiar with how device profiles work, and I’m having trouble searching for what I need to know.

  1. What parameters about the device need to be known in order to set up a device profile?
  2. Generically, are there any other things I should be considering that I may not be aware of when learning to develop on a custom device with UE4?

Thanks in advance for the help. My apologies for the bombardment of questions.

If you look at the archived cards on Trello, it seems like Epic has developed support for Tango, and it’s currently in the hands of Google. Here’s the card:

Opaque Multimedia has a Project Tango Plugin (Apache 2.0 license) here:

Wow, this sounds awesome! Stoked to give it a try, thanks for sharing.