When will developers be able to sell/give out assets on the Marketplace?

I’m not looking for a precise date, just an estimation so I can decide if it’s too early to start putting something together or not. If it’s not far out, could we maybe get some more information on the process?


Hi ghlkvf,

Currently, we are unable to guarantee a set date or time, but we are diligently working on getting the marketplace up and running. Thank you and have a great day!

I’m working on my first blueprint for it at the. Moment, nothing big just a assassins creed style game basis

So from the original question, the point of MP is to empower the UE development community to sell/make available middleware to other UE developers? Is this correct?

You think you will be able to sell blueprints? How will that work, I mean its relativity easy once you have a blueprint to distribute or copy it, its not like a DLL .

Selling code can go under various different licenses. If code is used in an unauthorized application, you would tend to lawsuits given you can prove it.

Lets say you make a blueprint and then sell it. Someone takes screenshots and re creates it.

Anyway indie devs are not gonna take out lawsuits. Look at game and video piracy, people pirate everything and no lawsuits are taken out.

It seems to be working with unity’s asset store, too.

Basically if you are a serious developer it may be cheaper and easier to just buy an asset and get support for it than hacking or downloading it from somewhere and trying to figure out how it works etc…
The most precious resource in indie-dev is Time. Every month you need longer to release a game is a month spending salary, rent, power etc… (heating will be cheaper though, since the ue-editor puts a nice load on your workstation…)

Blueprints on Marketplace is a very good idea and something we’d like to do in the future.

nothing big just a assassins creed style game

Next stop, Liberty City!

Is it working out for Unity? I am yet to see any evidence, 99% are all available for download on torrents.