When We Add Resource To Our Project It Is Converted To "uasset"?


New to Unreal Engine v4.

When we add a resource(PNG image for example) to our project it is converted to “uasset”.
Is there something we can do to have the resource stay in the original file format?
(we ask because what if we want to edit the resource after it is imported?)

Let us know, thanks!

Hi Again,

We noticed just now that if we right-click on the resource in the UE4 editor
we can select option: “Open In External Editor”.

The only issue with the above is that it opens the PNG image in MS Paint application?
Is there somewhere where we can change the default PNG image editor in UE4?
(Our Windows 10 OS already has the correct PNG image editor selected)

Let us know, thanks!

Ok, we got it:
Right-click on resource in editor and choose: “Open Source Location”.

You may also want to think about how you structure your source art (i.e. photoshop, blender, maya), the exported art to be imported into UE4 (i.e., PNG, JPEG, and FBX), and the game so that art is easy for everyone on your team to re-import.

Mike Erwin did a talk called Blender + Unreal asset pipeline foundations which covers this, and I used this technique in this ArtPipeline sample project.

Some of this goes away if you use tools like Epic’s BlenderTools that import directly from authoring tool to engine.