When using timeline to increase Scale in Transform pin for SpawnAction, collision box encounters bug. [4.13.1]

Blueprint Function: When player pressed RMB, the actor (Portal Red) spawns at the location where player is pointing, and rotates actor to sit flat against wall. The timeline also scales the actor from 0 to 1 over a period of 0.5 seconds, so it appears to grow out of a fixed point.

Video of actor being spawned here: YouTube
Image of blueprint here: http://i.imgur.com/HAfR3S2.png
Video of bug here: YouTube

The bug does not occur when scale is not changed upon SpawnActor. It appears the timeline changing the scale is what causes the issue.

Your actor spawns on every update.
Put the timeline on the actor(portal red), and pin it too node SetActorTransform

Ooooh! Yes of course, how did I not see that! Many thanks MelonUrchin