When using the on actor begin overlap, why does the event only trigger once?

Im fairly new to unreal and I dont get why this is happening. Basically in my level I have created a death barrier that will re-spawn the player if they hit this barrier. It works for re-spawning the player, although it only works once. Even if the actor was the collide with the barrier after already colliding once with it shouldn’t the event be re-triggerable. How would I fix this problem. Mega thanks for any suggestions or help! Could it be that when the vehicle re-spawns it is not the same vehicle to start with? If so how would I fix that…

Is this blueprint inside your death barrier or inside the playing vehicle?
If it’s in the death barrier the problem is that on begin overlap you’re destroying your death barrier with destroy actor. If you wanna destroy the car that overlapped you need to connect the target of destroy actor to the other actor that you casted to. Then the event on destroyed should be in the vehicle blueprint aswell
Hope that helps!

Sorry I forgot to state, but its within the Vehicle blue print. I placed it within this blue print as I thought it would be easier, since the death barrier wouldnt be destoryed and would stay the same object throughout the play.

omg, thanks so much. It works perfect. The only problem I have now is that if the player doesn’t go through the first check point and dies the game crashes. But I think for now I will just cheat and add a check point to the first spawn location of the car, whilst I improve other aspects of my project. Mega thanks! :smiley:

Glad that helps! :slight_smile: I don’t have enough data to help you on that crash thing, but if you need help. let me know!
I also added this as an answer, so that people that will haev the same problem as you can find out the answer

The cast to VehicleBlueprint would always fail, because the other actor is not the vehicle but is the death barrier. What I would do is get the other actor from the event BeginOverlap; if it’s the death barrier, then I would call respawn vehicle off of that.
Inside that event, that is in the controller, I would firstly unpossess the vehicle, than spawn a new one. Also in the vehicle BP I would add a on unpossessed event that calls DestroyActor

Hi WireSharkk, do you have discord? I was wondering if you could help me with importing my vehicle and switching it out the default one within the advance vehicle map. Think its bugging out a little since my car doesnt have wheels (since its a ship).