When using "stat unit" what do game, frame, and draw mean?

I’m working with one of my players to address a performance issue. It could just be that his GPU is slow, but I want to know exactly what about the game is hurting performance. The “stat unit” command (…criptions.html) shows that game is taking up very little compute time, but frame and draw are both taking a long time. What should does that mean and what should I look at next?

@Chosker knows more about this subject than any normal person should: :stuck_out_tongue:

The usual advice is take the worst number (not forgetting GPU), and use that as a marker for where to look next. Basically are you CPU bound or GPU bound? What’s killing performance: game code (game thread / CPU) or scene object prep (rendering thread / CPU) or actual rendering (GPU)? Btw: Frame is overall frame rate expressed in ms (divide by 1000 then 1/result iirc).

I don’t always find those categories help in practice (especially troubleshooting the worst case number). Why? Because so many scenes generate comparable numbers. Then where do you look? Often its easier to just isolate sections of a game scene and then toggle things on / off (using command line switches / keypresses / settings files) to see where the problems really are. For example, the greatest killer of frame rate for me is usually Moving Objects vs Scene Collision complexity. That said, I’m mostly doing kitbash versus original art, so maybe that’s to be expected.