When using live link to control metahuman, face is crooked

After I updated UE 5.0.2, I found that all METAHUMAN characters, controlled by LIVELINK, when opening their mouths or speaking, their facial expressions are wrong and their mouths are crooked. 5.0.1 did not appear before, can it be calibrated? Or fix bugs? thanks


I have the same issue with 5.0.2. All was fine with 5.0.0 and now it looks like I had a stroke. It would be great if there was an easy fix.


Hi @joeoonnee11 ,

Would you mind reporting your bug to our team? The Unreal Engine bug submission form can be found here. When submitting a report, we highly encourage everyone to include images and videos, but any and all details are helpful!

We may reach out if more information is needed.


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Same here after updating

Hi Everyone!

I came across this post today. Maybe there’s something here that can help until there’s a fix. :smiley:

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Same here, Right side of the metahuman face is all off,
Seems to me the tracked positions are not binded correctly?

So kind of you to upload this! I’ll try when I get back to my computer.

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Same here. Everything was working fine and then I was forced to update everything so bridge would find my latest metahumans. Now my character’s face is really messed up on one side.

Livelink appears to be mapped to my face accurately.

I tried deleting the entire metahuman project from my folder and re-adding this newly created metahuman, but it still has the same problem.

Tried starting a new project from scratch and adding my metahuman from scratch. Still broken.

This is resolved, need to start a new project in UE4 with UE4 metahumans from Bridge App (not plugin from UE)
After you import the Metahuman, copy the (Mocap) folder and paste it into your UE5 metahuman folder (replace files)

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Hello. thank you for helping us. Can you be more specific ? Where is the path to UE5 MetaHuman Folder ?

for those who are looking for a solution, there is one on another forum page. The Mocap folder has something messed up in it when they rolled out the Metahumans in Unreal 5. If you open a project that used Metahumans in UE4 and copy the mocap folder from it in the Content Mocap folder of the UE 5 project, it fixes the face skewing. In fact, in the other thread someone loaded the correct mocap folder that you need to just download and replace in the UE5 projects

Hi, can you give an example of the folders you mean?

Sorry guys,

so, you have to copy the 2 files
and mh_arkit_mapping_pose.uasset
in Project\Content\MetaHumans\Common\Common\Mocap
from ue4 to ue5.

it looks like the mapping went totally wrong