When using a Blendspace, can we get the curve value of the animations composing the Blendspace?

I’m messing around and trying to think of new ways to create an AnimBP, which is why I ask: when using a Blendspace, is there a way to get curve values of the animations composing the Blendspace?

For example, if I’m blending a walk animation and run animation, and they both have speed curves, am I able to access the curves using GetCurveValue()? If so, would I get some weighted average based on the current blending position of the Blendspace?

… have you tried it? There’s no substitute for trial and error.
and yes, the curve value is avaliable in blendspaces. Blended.

You’re right. Trial and error has no substitute. I guess I managed to confuse myself last night. I thought I had tried to get the curve value, but I was thinking about too much at once and made a stupid mistake. Thanks for your help.

Edit: I can’t spell.

The curve data of the actual animation take is not available out of the box, requires a plug in via marketplace, which is silly as the curve of a root motion based animation can be used as to replication requirements. What you can do is use a combination of widgets that are available to at least help sync the animations so skating is not all that noticeable.

First place your blend space, in the anim graph I assume, into a sync group. This will make all of the takes the same length with out changing the rate scale. Comes in handy to do stops and starts as well. Next for each take in the blend space add a sync marker at each location that the leading foot is on the ground. This lets Unreal 4 know where the foot fall is located and as you blend from say a walk to a run the blend will occur on the sync marker.

He’s talking about curves. Not animation bone track curves…