When UE4 will support C# ?


I still wandering why UE4 not supporting C# language ? is there any plan to add it sooner or later ?

Because C# would require an underlying runtime like .NET or Mono which usually is slower then Plain C++.

However, it should be able to add a C# Scripting layer ontop of the c++ but then you have something Blueprint allready can do.

C++ is just the native language the engine has been written, which means that we can get the full sourcecode of the engine, which is obviously fantastic :smiley:

C# in other languages is the equivalent of what UnrealScript was in UDK / UE3, which now has been replaced by Blueprint, which imho is a much nice approach, because it enables “non programmers” to create gameplay in UE4

Why should they support it? You can add a scripting language yourself if you want, and others are already doing it, you can also use blueprints or c++. There are numerous threads about it already, check them out.

thank you, thank you, thank you
Now it’s clear for me. before when i asked they tell me that UE4 not supporting C# and no one tell me about Blueprint.

Thank you again

There actually some C# plugin projects, on even with editor integration :slight_smile: When marketplace will be open you should find some solutions there