When to use set angular velocity vs add torque?

Hello internet! I’m starting a racing battle prototype and I want it to be fully based on the physics engine. I have 2 options for steering the vehicles: set angular velocity or add torque. Both work but set velocity makes it more responsive. The thing that bugged me was that message we get in the set angular velocity node: “this option should be used cautiously - it may be better to use addTorque or addImpulse”.

  • Why is that? What problems are waiting for me in the future if I go with set angular velocity?
  • If I go with torque, how do I make it more responsive?

When to use set angular velocity vs
add torque?

By Setting Angular Velocity you’re overriding what the physics is supposed to be doing. You’ll end up using both, sometimes you want to override physics, to bring something to a complete stop, provide it with instant angular momentum, match some other value to help the AI a bit since controlling AI physics is not easy (for me).

Generally speaking you stick with torque, and work with huge values using PID controllers in order to achieve desired responsiveness.

If we’re talking about wheels / spheres slipping and sliding, you may want to look into physical materials - you get to control friction and some other more advanced settings.