When to use root motion (UE5)

after the release of UE5 should i use root motion for all animations in AAA Games (melee combat) or will i face a lot of issues ?
note 1 : will it effect NPCs using NavMesh?
note 2: what r the issues that i will face if i am forced to used root motion for all animations ?
thanks in advance.

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Take a look at the official Content Examples:

Open the Animation map, there will be samples comparing Root Motion vs Not. Then you can see how it applies for you or not.


Hey @anonymous_user_3e7d0e17!

That’s a great question. Unreal has provided some great documentation on why to use root motion for your animations. Here is that documentation link:

Unreal Engine Documentation: Root Motion

Tl;Dr; Root motion gives more control and animations can be set up based upon player capsule speed. Non root motion causes the animation to separate from the collision capsule, which will cause collision issues as the animation moves but the capsule does not.


thanks for the replay, i really appreciate it <3

thanks for the replay, i already read that, but the manager said that he will tell the animator to make the basic character movements in root motion (walk, run, etc…) and i think it is better to leave them in place since i can get advantage of the character movements component (velocity, acceleration, etc…) so what is ur opinion about that ?
Note: the game is going to be AAA Game.
thanks in advance and i really appreciate your help.

Hi, sorry i might be too late to the party but, have you got the best answer?