When to use "Make Literal Float"?


I wonder when “Make Literal Float” is used?

I seldom use this node. The ‘Make literal float’ node simply returns a float with a pre-defined value. The output can be plugged-into any FLOAT input. The float input pins of most nodes support typing in a value directly. However if you have a float value that is being used in many nodes in a blueprint and you want to play with its value to get a nice value, then you can use this node. You connect the output of this node to all those float input pins. Then when you ant to try another value, you only have to edit it in one place. Ideally, you should use a float variable in this case.

This should show the usage

I am also interested to hear about any other use for those nodes

thanks for your answer, now I have a good understanding.

p.s. the link you provide I don’t have the privilege to view.

Did you try logging-into your google account and then accessing the link?

Ah, it works, thanks!