When to use anim bp vs montage

Hey, Sorry about the beginner question. But when should I be using the anim graph vs montages and key bindings? Most tutorials have you click to attack and play a montage and just forgo the graph, is that right?

You often can use either in many circumstances, but as a general rule, the animation blueprint is good for controlling animation states (idle, walking, wounded, holding a rifle, holding a hatchet, etc.), whereas animation montages are typically better suited for handling one-off animation events or sequences of events, usually triggered through the actor’s Event Graph or an event dispatcher, something like that (i.e., shoot gun, swing hatchet, make hand gesture, perform death animation, etc.).


So you can’t play montages from anim bps right? So the anim by pretty much for movement and idle?

As far as I know, you cannot trigger a montage through animation blueprint; that’s typically an Event Graph function on the actor. There are tons of other uses for the animation blueprint; maybe download some prebuilt characters and have a look at their blueprints to get some ideas. It’s primarily movement states, though. Think of it like the difference between input axis mapping versus input events… if that makes any sense.