When to use a total conversion versus just a mod?

When would I want to use a total conversion versus just using a modded map?

I am making a pvp map that will have unique player spawns, unique loot crates, etc etc. I plan on having custom player actors that come with default stats and can’t be leveled up etc.

Should I make it a total conversion?

I’d TC that for sure. Once you start making a custom map, that uses all new actors and stuff-- safety would go towards a TC. This way it’s not reliant on the Core anymore and you can slap around anything you want.

BUT that’s me.

Thanks for the advice! I was thinking it’s probably smart to do a TC but I wasn’t exactly sure.

Do I just cook as “TC” before I upload?

As far as I know - I’ve not crafted/delved into a Total Conversion yet, but it should be the same cooking as the mod. Just a different button. :slight_smile: