When to save my game?


I was just wondering how expensive the default save system of Unreal Engine 4 is and when and how often I am supposed to save.

Right now, I save fairly often (automatic save) and I didn’t notice any performance drops. However, it feels a little bit strange to write to the save file so often (3 times in a level section).

Edit: Just to make things clear: I mean how often I should save the state of my game (not in the Unreal Editor, but a save game file).

I believe this is dependent on the game itself, and how many ‘checkpoints’ or saves that you want to give the player. In a single player game you will notice very little performance hit if you are only writing out a small amount of variables. In a multiplayer game or sandbox game, you will need to be careful with the amount of data you are writing out and the time that you choose to do it.