When to do a Total Conversion


I’ve just downloaded and installed to ARK Devkit this week and I’m looking to create a mod.

I have prior experience with modding/mapmaking and getting the first mod uploaded to steam was easy enough but I have one question regarding Mod vs Map vs Total Conversion.

The difference between a Mod and a Map is easy enough but as I understand it you can make a Mod force load a Map and make a Map have a Mod as a dependency?
So where does Total Conversion fit in and what question should a modder ask him-/herself before deciding to make a Total Conversion rather than just a Map/Mod?

Hi ,

A total conversion mod is when you want to be able to modify assets of the game directly. No more referencing / making child of.

Small example :

You want to make a new UI for the main menu. you can’t do that through a mod, you need a total conversion for that.

Thanks for the answer!