When the event fires to give the player XP, it runs twice


the player ends up getting 50XP

Hey alx0427-

Could you include a screenshot of the entire XP Blueprint? If this is a multiplayer game does the double XP occur for all players?

its a fairly big BP so i dont know how to screen with enough resolution to the nodes. also, it is not multiplayer.

The important part is we need to be able to see where it is being triggered. Multiple screenshots would be acceptable, but could you show where the call is starting from as well as the steps it goes through.

it destroys actor directly after giving (double) XP

Is the event being called from inside the character blueprint or from the blueprint of the actor that gets destroyed?

The actor that gets destroyed

The blueprint seems to be set up correctly. I feel that there may be something inside your EXPTest that is being called twice. You may want to check to make sure that there isn’t a function call or event that is calling itself. I apologize for not having more to offer but that seems most likely from what I can see.