When the door opens, the character can't walk through the door, but go around the door

Follow above course, i realize the function that when some actors stand in the plate, the door opens.

However, when the door opened, my character can’t walk through the door, but go around the door.


The movement logic shows below:

I guess the problem is the door isn’t in reachable area. When i make the NavMeshBoundsVolume visible,i find that whether the door is open or closed, the whole door is always inaccessible unreachable.

I really want to know how to solve it.Thanks!

I think you need to set the nav mesh to rebuild at runtime

As above, also - do they ever show the character actually go through the door in that tutorial?

There is the Can Ever Affect Navigation flag that can be disabled for the some static meshes - like the door. The character would then attempt to walk through the closed door but the collision would stop it. The nav mesh would be unaffected providing its granularity settings are high enough to generate a way through in the first place.

I found it!

The default collision is simple collision which is a rectangle, so it blocks the character, after i change it to complex collision, the character can walk through the door.

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It works after i change the collision mode to complex collision. THANKS

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