When switching between multiple characters


Curious what the best approach is when switching between multiple characters regarding controls.

Would it be to have a new controller blueprint, one for each character?
Or my current approach.

This uses a shared blueprint interface, with one controller blueprint. The controller blueprint sends messages to the current pawn.
So when i switch characters it becomes the pawn and then receives the input from the shared controller blueprint.

The reason i approached it like this is because i felt it easier to manage one controller blueprint and then controlling what that does per character as each one has unique behavior.
So i am curious which one would be the best approach… if i should perhaps reconsider my approach as there might be downsides i am unaware of.

Ooh, interesting. This is the kind of question that seems really basic when you first think of it, but is hard to find the answer to.

Well i ran into one issue so far, but i don’t think its an issue. Its just how things work.
Basically if i am controlling the character and i allow the AI controller to take over, and then while the AI is controlling it and i then switch to another character the AI stops working because i am assuming the AI was making use of the controller specific to that character and then you completely remove control.

But the same would happen even if you had separate controller blueprint because you are unpossesing it.

So i guess that is an entire separate topic.