When stop and play Matinee in blueprint, the sound doesn't resume

I have a scene with a lot of animations in matinee. These animations are all synced to the sound.
I want to have the animation and sound pause, when I press a button and resume when I press another button.
This works perfectly with the animation with the level blueprint, but with the sound I have some problems.
When I stop and then play the matinee actor in blueprint, the animation will freeze when I stop and resume again when I play, but the sound won’t continue.
When I pause matinee and then pause again in blueprint, the animation will freeze and resume again, but the sound will keep playing when I pause the matinee actor the first time.
When I restart the matinee actor, the sound will play again.
So it seems that the sound will only play from the beginning and is not capable to pause and resume.
Is there a way to make the audio play again in matinee after it is stopped?

Yes, having the same problem. Pause() and Resume() simply doesn’t work with audio.