When spawning Multiple A.I.s the last one is the only one that inherits the behavoir

Basically, what I have in my level, is an spawn box that is an actor, that when the base character walks into a trigger box (in the level), it’ll spawn the A.I. in the spawn box.

I have a Base AI Character actor which is handling all the Blackboard behavior / movement / attack / etc… (I followed along with the AI class tut on the wiki page). Got it all working so then created 4 child classes of it. Now when I place 4 different spawn boxes in the level at different locations, they all spawn the appropriate class and then start to do their “walk” animation, but they won’t walk towards the player EXCEPT for the last one spawned. (I.e. I place four spawn boxes, the first 3 don’t really do anything (they can take hits and die and respawn but thats it) but the 4th one does all the things that its suppose to do (walk towards player (attacks when in range) / does a idle animation / walks between home location and last known location / etc…).

The problem is that it was working fine before I created the last 2 child blueprints (I just created 2 to start with, one a regular enemy, the second a boss) and they both worked fine. Then when I created the 3rd and 4th one, they broke. I’ve been looking around on the internet and can’t find any solutions to it. I didn’t change any code in the childs (except for the boss, but all he does is spawn an actor when he dies (gets destroyed). I’m not calling to the parent functions or anything like that. I’m assuming its something small thats making it break but I can’t find it.

I am using 4.18 and using the blackboard / blueprints with them. Thanks for any help.