When should I setup Multiplayer for my Game?

I am current in the process of making a Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and the situation I am being faced with is, deciding whether or not I should focus on setting up Multiplayer Networking before or after I began creating the game. I have a simple form of my map with no customization’s. Should I bring all my assets in and focus on creating nav-mesh and scripts and get the game working first? Not sure what I should be focusing on first? Thanks for any tips!

In my opinion you should do it right from the start … you will have far less headaches int he long run. Get your game working in multi-player first as it changes the way you do things from the start. Trying to add this later when you have already added in tons of functionality is not impossible but will be a bit of a hair-puller.

For my game … I am so thankful I added multi-player support in from the start. 8-}

What i usually do, its prototype some feature on singleplayer, for ease, and then make it multiplayer.
But small parts at a time, NEVER do the whole game on singleplayer and then try to “port”, it wont work.
Also, keep the networking in mind when you are doing the prototype for that feature, that way you wont need to change it much for MP.
Why do the feature first in SP and then make it MP?. becouse coding MP its harder than SP, so if you are just trying one feature, and arent 100% sure on how to implment it, its better to get it working on SP and then modify it for MP. If you are directly coding MP, and you arent an expert, when you get a but you will get quite confused, as you wont know if the bug its from the multiplayer networking, or just the base logic. Programming it first on SP and then adding the replication lets you minimize bugs if you arent an expert.

Ignore all the above and just do MP first if you are already an expert in multiplayer programming, if you really know what you are doing you should just do it MP directly.

Good advice here. However, don’t let your gameplay or creativity get held back by limitations of MP, especially if you have something innovative planned. i.e. Don’t sacrifice fresh ideas because they may not work in MP, as its possible to find workarounds during the dev process. But do small side-tests early on, to see where problems may lie. For example are you using BP or C++? In UDK, there were subtle differences between MP + Kismet versus MP + Unrealscript, especially with regard to player attachments, UI and pawn movement (Clientside). But its not all bad, sometimes a limitation can help push you in a new direction that makes the game more interesting…

Wow! Great advice here guys really appreciate the tips. I am looking to make a Multiplayer Role Playing Medieval game where players will have the ability to roam an open world, seeking adventures and fighting monsters! But there will be an auction system. banking system, inventory system, group - guild systems and so on. However, after playing around with my map I found that the easiest way to get a large map in my game for players to roam was using World composition and unfortunately I am unsure of how MP will respond with World Composition(Tiled landscape) Also, I am using Blueprints (franktech) Not sure If I can use BP and C++ together but I like the feel of BP’s but I also the vast functionality of C++

I am not aware of any issues with Tiled Landscapes and Multi-player. I stand under correction though.

Yes you can … I currently use both in my project. 8-}

Awesome thank you very much qdelpeche!