when shooting bullet firing in wrong direction

can you help me,please.
When the gun shooting - bullets moving in wrong direction, not in the same as I look, or as the gun looking.75716e114757eae188d2d85ebea459b5e4e27471.jpeg

Shoot it in right direction then. Open your blueprint and fix direction you shoot it at.

When ThierryH,

Can you please post your Blueprint setup so we can better assist you. :slight_smile:

Can you help me, what I`m doing wrong:

Your Socket Rotation is wrong. You need to fix it inside StaticMesh Editor.

Or you can just rotate that rotation value that is between break and make transform nodes.
In your case: break that rotation value and add or substract 90 deg to one that is responsible for rotation.
Then build rotation, and then connect it to make transform node.

yeah, you was right. Sorry for a silly queastion.

and one more question,
how to add sound when the bullet colide with smth,
I add node Play Sound At Location, but how to set the location?

Sorry but this was savage. Bye