When set navmesh to dynamic pawn does crazy movments !

I set Runtime Generation to Dynamic in order to detect changed positions of my pawns yes it detects but when I move they do immediate jerky movments! What can I do ?

If you only want that your AI is no walking into each other you could use RVO Avoidance under the movement component or similar things. If you still want to use the realtime generation you need to untick can ever effect navigation, otherwise they blocking the navway for each other.

I have a defaultpawn which has movementcomponent should I use character even that is a vehicle?

Are they still colliding if you check RVO avoidance under the movement component of your pawn or why do you think you need to change the parent?

I found the cause because I have multiple characters there and they all affect nav to be included in pathfinding mechanizm. However if I select a character that also has blocking around so that is why that can not move and do jerky movements. Now hov can I make it to not affect navigation when moving ?

Well, I was trying to say that :smiley: I try it again. If you want to stop that “jerky movements” you need to open your pawn blueprint and select the object and make sure “can ever effect navigation” is unchecked, otherwise they are blocking the way for each other.

With other thing RVO avoidance, you don’t need to generate the navmesh in realtime and it should prevent your pawns moving into each other, I thought that is your goal.

Yep you were right, I did it, I am an excited person that is why I could not tell but you were right. Is there a thanks button ? :o One one question to you, Is float pawn movement (whatever name is) works just like movement feature in Character class with pathfinding enabled ? I may want to change it to pawn back as I do not want capsule collision my friend.

You should be able to reparent to pawn without any issue.

ı know it. That is a character bp and c++ not bp. I used it because pawn did not provide movement component. I do not know if float move c. provides same opportunities.