When selecting a lot of actors my computer crashes because of memory

Hello! In my project, I need to select a lot of actors and duplicate them, but when I select a lot of actors, my memory spikes up to 100%, and my computer crashes. I have 16GB of Ram, and I don’t know how to fix this. I believe there are 200 actors, and they are all close together. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Well you know you gonna get more RAM answers :stuck_out_tongue: You can try to increase the virtual memory which should help prevent crash.

Put why you need to select so many?

I need to duplicate all of them, but when I select all of them my memory spikes.

what kind of actors are they? if they are scene objects you could probably use meshes and if they need some basic movement control that from elsewhere which could save you some overhead.

also if you have 200 actors in your scene and just selecting them crashes your pc what do you think it will do to your customers pc which is likely less powerful than yours when theres 400. ← not trying to be mean just posing the idea that a drastic change may be needed or a new way of thinking

rather than tweaking your current setup you may need to look into overhauling it. though who knows maybe it can be saved. tell us a bit about your game and what your trying to accomplish and maybe a solution will become more readily apparent.

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