When Replicating Peojectiles, only flys forward

Ok so I have a projectile (Kunai) I spawn when hitting the E key, and i have it set up to replicate on server and all clients just fine, its works well and everyone in the game can see it. The only issue I am having is this.
As you can see from this picture here,

i have a small sphere that is parented to the follow camera, (so it moves and rotates with it) This sphere is used as a spawn point for the kunai when button is pressed and it shoots forward based on the spheres rotation and location. And this works but only on the server side.

If the server looks up and hits E, the kunai will spawn at the spheres location and rotation and fly forward, in which case is up, and all clients will see him throw it upwards on their screen.
HOWEVER, if the clients look up or down and hit E, it does spawn a projectile, it does go forward, but only straight ahead.
It doesn’t change which way it flies based on how the client looks.
This goes for client view and server view. they both see it just go straight ahead.
Idk what I’m doing wrong to make it not spawn and fly forward towards where the client is looking.
here’s the rest of my code for the whole thing.

In Character BP for when Player hits E:

The Function of throwing the kunai, Also in the Character BP:

I solved this by finding this. Idk if its the best or most efficient way of doing it, but it works after a few days of trying ■■■■ it. So I’m happy right now.