When my character go forward the capsule component face backward pls help (2d game)

Hi everyone,

I m in trouble :frowning:
I m making a game in top down view (2d game) .

I made the character movement and the character look at the mouse to aim.
here my blueprint :
Aim :

Movement :

The pb come when i start my game and move forward whit “W”, my character move forward but turn the opposite side.

pls help me i cant find what going wrong

Have you tried checking your player sprite component in the character? It should be rotated so that the front is facing in the same direction as the light blue arrow in your character.

If your sprite is rotated the wrong way, then it can cause an issue like the one you are describing.

If that doesn’t work, you could try debugging by disabling “hidden in game” on the Arrow Component to see which way the capsule is facing.

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thank for the answer i try it :slight_smile: