When my ball is moving to the sides he gets slowed ..

here is a video:
when my ball is moving to the sides he gets slowed why ? :frowning:

Hey @Myst_FuyZz!

So the answer is going to lie in how you coded your movement. If you travel forward at 1m/s and left at 1 m/s, our mind assumes we have 2m/s when really we have 1 still. If you factor in acceleration (Which most templates of movement do) it seems you will slow down if you are using physics, because you’re not ALSO accelerating… I don’t know it’s hard to explain. But the answer is going to lie in how you’ve coded your movement regardless, so if you need more help please bring us some screenshots of that! :slight_smile:

Hey Mind brain :slight_smile:
actually for the movement I did not do any blueprints …
i just changed the movement right here in the character movement:

and here is the ball movement code:

So what is happening is you’re splitting your movement between diagonal left and diagonal right, canceling each other out. So if you went diagonal left, that’s 50% acceleration left, and 50% speed forward, same with right. So you’re nullifying your left acceleration with your right acceleration and vice versa when you bounce back and forth like that, causing your forward motion to be 50% speed due to the nullification of the other acceleration.

If you’d like to travel forward at the same speed even with sideways movement, you need to add forward movement input along with your left/right input! :slight_smile: maybe multiply it by 2 while moving left/right.

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Hey mind brain thank you for ans !
I have tried to add the forward movement with the left and right input and And I didn’t quite understand how to do it
can you pls help me ? :slight_smile:
btw im new on ue … :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also change the input behavior kind of like this:
Pressed W - Normal Move Forward
Pressed A - Decrement the ball X/Y coordinate location by some amount
Below is an example but I haven’t test the behavior itself so maybe needed to polish / change depends on your map itself.

Pressed D - Increment the ball X/Y coordinate location by some amount

I think if you do it that way, your ball won’t be slowed down when moving right or left since the velocity of the ball itself won’t be affected anymore.

BUT, I think this kind of algorithm will only work on a straight direction but maybe you get some insight from this I hope.

Now that I’m looking at it again… Maybe try just disconnecting the “Z” rot on your input! If it’s affecting the actor and not the mesh… yeah that would give you something different, and I don’t want to overload you with mathematical physics! Give that a shot and get back to me and if that doesn’t work we’ll go the harder route!