When my AI spots me he chases me but then ignores me due to this

So I set up my AI to move to specific locations at certain times, and I programmed him to chase me when he spots me but when he’s in the middle of a chase one of his delays go off so he just turns around and starts to walk to the specific locations I programmed him to walk to. But you see, I don’t want him to just stop chasing me and go back to walking. Is there a node or something that can cut off certain nodes from playing when he spots me and starts chasing me? I tried the gate node but I have no clue how it works. I tried doing different things and it wasn’t working. Here’s an image of my blueprint.

(Btw, there’s more than one simple move to location node. I made like 10 different places he’s supposed to walk to, then it just retriggers the first one and it repeats) So anyway, how do I make it cut off the “move to simple location” nodes when he spots me?

I cont see all the script in your blueprint so its difficult to diagnose exactly where the issue is but i would start by making the two behaviors as two different events. So youll have one event called chase player and one named roam for instance. then you could have a branch with a variable can see player connected to the bool. so when can see player is set to true you would call the chase player event but if its set tto false then you would call the roam event. there are a million ways to set up this functionality and everyone has their own favorite. if you wanted to add more screenshots of your blueprint i could try to help modify what you have better.

Alternatively if you were so inclined you could make a system that uses behavior trees. AI LiveStream

The picture below is a similar setup that would accomplish something along the lines of what your looking to do. what it doesnt have included is a way to tell tell character to stop chasing the player such as being out of range or something similar.

Also in the first picture you posted the branch node that your using isnt necessary. the branch you have actually serves no purpose the way you have it run.

■■■■, I was gonna delete this cause I decided to scrap this AI for a different type of AI that doesn’t wander around like this. Basicly, all I wanted to know was how to cut off a set of nodes when something triggers, that’s all.

But if you can show me how to use the gate node, that’d be cool. But right now, this post is no longer needed cause I’m doing a different type of AI now. I hope it comes out well.

Gates aren’t to hard to get just think like it were a gate in a fence. Theres an enter and an exit, if you set the gate to open things can pass through, but if you set it to closed then they can’t. if you think of blueprints like a electrical circuit and you put a charge to the open pin it will open the gate, if you put a charge to the close pin it will close the gate, and if you put a charge to the toggle pin it will switch to the opposite state (if its open it will close, if its closed it will open).