When jumping over AI it stops sensing

Ok guys I’m using a pawn sensing on seeing the character but when you jump over the AI the AI stops detecting the player character. what would be the best way to fix this where the AI can still sense the player even if they lose sight of the player.

thanks for all the help

this is the blueprint for my AI sensing

ok for anyone else having this problem I solved it by making my AI peripheral vision 180. it wont show up in viewport but it does work.

It might be that the character is not on the nav mesh, which doesn’t give the AI a valid place to move to. One solution is when choosing the location for the AI to move to, get the character location, and project the Z-location down to an area where the nav mesh and give this as the Destination in the Move To node.

I’m having a similar problem. When I jump over the AI, the AI stops moving. I will try your suggestion. But since this post is two years old are there new built-in solutions to handle this ? Maybe a node that does that for you or something similar? Couldn’t find anything on that.

Okay, I’ve had this issue for awhile now and I think I found a simple fix. Here’s what my Blueprint looks like. The AI Move To node fails whenever you jump so you can do another AI move to with the last know location of the player that does not include the z axis.

As for the AI stopping, assuming you’re using Character Movement, you’ll want to go to “Character Movement (General Settings)” and set “Braking Friction Factor” to 0. By default when the first AI Move To node fails, there’s a brief moment where the character applies brakes before moving again and that creates the “Stop/Go” movement. Setting Braking Friction Factor to 0 makes the transition smooth.