When is valid time to create Subobjects/Components?

I’m trying to create instances of components and attach them to my object, but I get the following error:

UE_CLOG(!CurrentInitializer, LogObj, Fatal, TEXT("No object initializer found during construction."));

I tried calling it this way, in various places:

auto WidgetComponent = CreateDefaultSubobject<UWidgetComponent>(TEXT("WidgetComponent"));

It throws the error if I call it from BeginPlay or PostInitializeComponents.

Is it really impossible to call it outside the constructor?

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You can create SubObjects/Components anywhere. You can only call CreateDefaultSubobject from the constructor.

To create a component at runtime you must use ConstructObject().

UWhateverComponent* NewComponent = ConstructObject<UWhateverComponent>(UWhateverComponent::StaticClass(), this, TEXT("ComponentName"));

NewComponent->OnComponentCreated(); // Might need this line, might not.
NewComponent->AttachTo(GetRootComponent(), SocketName /* NAME_None */);

There may be a compiler error with missing args in AttachTo, but this is how you create and attach components at runtime.

As of 4.8, ConstructObject is deprecated and you should use NewObject instead.


Another incomplete/misleading tutorial here…

welcome to Unreal, here you rarely find complete documentation with working code