When is Unreal releasing its own Modeling and Animation software?

I’m tired of being squeezed between Blender and Maya.

I hate Blender for its over-smart UI, while Maya is too costly for me. Yeah, even Maya LT. The only platform I think who can help is Unreal. I did read the Pixar RenderMan news.

But, I would like to know when is Unreal coming up with features to model, rig and animate on their very own engine.

Any idea, guys? By the way, I’m heavily impressed how they release a new version on every quarter of the year.

i doubt that they will make a modeling software of their own anytime soon.ive heard talk of potentially a built in animation and rigging but really what ive heard is just rumor. most artists out there in the industry have their preferred modeling program that works for them so creating one more in unreal would be a bit redundant and a case of its not broke dont fix it. creating a new program and keeping it up to date would be a lot of work without much reward.

course this is just my opinion. personally i use blender because its capable and free. while i agree the ui could use a little work potentially, once you become more experienced with it and learn where the things you use are then you dont need to worry about the rest and you realize its not that bad. theres a ton of functionality in blender that most people just dont realize like the compositing, 2d animation, and game engine that are built in to it.