When is the Localization Dashboard going to leave "Experimental" status?

Hi there,

The Localization Dashboard has been experimental for as long as I can remember.


When will it go into at least Beta state?

I’ve used it on a few projects before, and it seems stable enough for production work.

Just curious what other things are planned for this, if it’s staying experimental, because AFAIK, nothing major has been done to it over the past 10 releases for it. Some bug fixes that I can recall quickly.

One of the biggest things I do think is needed, is being able to find String Table key references inside there, so it’s easier to find what’s being used and what’s not (so we can delete keys easier in String Tables).

But yeah, my concern is that having it marked as Experimental may deter people from using it in production. But technically, other than some plugins, it’s the only thing we have to use (other than some random and probably time-consuming and hair pulling custom solution).