When is a shared reference created?

So I have this bit of UI code that I’ve lifted from the FBX Importer that shows an options window on import:

TSharedPtr<IDetailsView> DetailsView = PropertyEditorModule.CreateDetailView(DetailsViewArgs);

An asset inside AsShared() goes off, halting the program. This is what it says in AsShared():

// If the following assert goes off, it means one of the following:        //
//     - You tried to request a shared pointer before the object was ever assigned to one. (e.g. constructor)
//     - You tried to request a shared pointer while the object is being destroyed (destructor chain)
// To fix this, make sure you create at least one shared reference to your object instance before requested,
// and also avoid calling this function from your object's destructor.

How do I satisfy the “at least one shared reference” part? I haven’t done a lot of shared references so it’s new ground to me.