When is A.R.T. going to recieve the hotfix update?

As the title suggests, it’s been quite a while now that A.R.T. is broken for Maya Student editions. Lots of other people, even some with the normal edition are having this problem and Epic are aware of it. Apparently it has already been fixed but no update yet. All I am wondering is, what is keeping the update from getting released? I really need the toolkit so I can use it for our project. The new update preview makes no mention of any fixes for A.R.T. last time I checked so the update isn’t coming?

Some clarification would be appreciated.


Hi Torabi. We’re working hard to make sure that the updates we push out have been well-tested. The Maya tools still need some love, but we aim to get the fixes in your hands as soon as they’re tested and ready to go.

In the meantime, other users have found workarounds for their student versions. Have you tried the solution on this thread?

I’ll give those a try. I appreciate that you guys are taking the time to make sure that everything will work properly.

You can now get the latest code drops from the master thread!
Lots of the issues on answer hub have been resolved in this latest code drop.

Check the official thread created detailing known issues, frequently asked questions, and upcoming features as well as the latest code drops:

ART Master Thread