When is 4.3 coming out?

I’ve been searching for news about 4.3 and there is nothing! The reason I’m expecting is, its because right now there’s no support for speedtree, and it will come with 4.3. Anyone know anything?

It is expected in July, no specific date. It’s been mentioned in Twitch streams a couple of times already.

Ok thanks for the info, I really hope its more like the beginning of July and not the end.

Check GitHub, 4.3 preview just dropped :slight_smile:

Adam Davis has been posting regular updates to the Engine Source forum. The last post was on 6/26 and is sticked at the top of the forum.

Actually he just updated GitHub with the 4.3 preview.

Good, but apparently you can’t yet get the 19 dollar subscription for speedtree…or at least I can’t find it…

They said it will be avaialble with the release of 4.3

Hey Folks,

Hopefully the preview release as well as answers your questions.