When Ints finally gonna be fixed in UPropeties?

UE4 still rejects other int types then int32 or uint8. It’s a bug that sits since UE4 gone public, i assume it’s a bug because 1. i don’t see reason why those data types would not be supported 2. documentation states you can use all those int types listed here: Unreal Engine UProperties | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

This is posted all the time on AnwserHub:

Ijust jumped on extended (it’s from beta but i recognize him from style :p) explanation on this: [Request] Blueprint support for int8 data type - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

Yet i dont rember seeing reponce of Epic on that… so post this here. I think or this should be fixed (rether int support extended) or atleast fix documentation.

I’m fairly sure this isn’t a bug. It’s just a limitation of the property system and the documentation is incorrect or misleading. We will look into updating the documentation to accurately reflect how properties in the editor work.

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Ok good to know, atleas now it clear :slight_smile: thanks