When in Curve Editor the Color Picker changes color when pressing Cancel

The color picker does pretty strange things, when pressing cancel.

  1. It tones down the color of the current selected marker.
  2. When using the dropper to pick the color of another marker before pressing cancel it tones down the color of the other marker

just to clarify: with marker I mean those thingies on the color gradient of the color curve

Hey MrBlank,

Would you mind providing me with some more information so I can accurately reproduce what you are reporting?

  • By ‘Curve Editor’ where exactly are you referencing?
  • Could you provide screenshots of the issue you are experiencing?
  • Could you also provide me with some simple reproducible steps so I can see what you are reporting on my end?

Thank you,

Hi Andrew,
no problem I’m talking about the editor used to edit color curves, like the ones used in the sky sphere blueprint.

To reproduce the problem do the following:

  1. In a fresh Blueprint First Person Project. Open one of the Color Curves from the skysphere.(Maybe you have to activate show engine content before)
  2. Double-Click one of the color stops/markers at the bottom of the curve.
  3. Press cancel or alternatively use color picker on another stop and press cancel.

  1. Watch what happens to the curve.

I’ve experienced this problem on a Mac and a Windows system, with a fresh scene and an current project.

Hey Mr.Blank,

Thank you for taking the time to elaborate on your steps. I was able to reproduce what you are reporting and have gone ahead and entered a bug report for this issue (UE-21712).

Once an engineer has assessed this issue and a fix is implemented, we will add it either to our official Release Notes (Documentation site) or our Announcements and Releases (Forums).

If you have further questions please let me know.

Thank you,