When importing from 3Ds Max why are my faces inverted in UE4?

I’ve created a model in 3ds max 2010 and have used the boolean tool to cut the shapes into the model to get it the way I wanted it to look like. once I had finish I exported it to UE4 version 4.4 and the mesh had errors

the mesh how it looked in 3ds max

The mesh how it looks in UE4 4.4

I fixed the problem. I have to export it to blender then export it as fbx from blender to ue4. it worked out good.

Hi Sean,

This isn’t the intended workflow and seems like a workaround for what you really want to do.

Using the Boolean tool is more than likely the root cause of the issue. I’ve seen this cause issues for users before especially if you are not going back to edit the geometry to triangulate or quad your object faces. This can cause faces to invert like you have above.

Here is a similar topic from the forums where a user was having the same thing happen recently.

If you would like more feedback feel free to post any with your UV layout or your objects edge faces highlighted in the Max viewport.