When i use UE4. the monitor couldn't get signal

Hello !
I have a sonmething big big problem
when i use UE4. the monitor shutdown ! it means… the monitor can’t get signal…the monitor changes black!

here is specifications of my computer

CPU : intel i5
GPU: geforce gtx 580

and i also installed all drivers, VS2013 and UE4 again.

what is the problem?
How can i fix that?

please help me :<

That sounds like a GPU problem. I would try re-installing/updating video drivers, un-plugging and re-seating your graphics card, or even taking it out entirely and trying another one if you have one. If you have another monitor I would try testing that out as well.

Thanks to answer me !
but i already do all.
And i bring my graphic card to the A/S center … but they say “it is fine. No problem this graphic card”

Ah! maybe… the Cuda occured the problem?
I changed my Nsight option. so … maybe it was problem ?