When I use "play to marked frame" it just snaps to the frame

Hello everyone!

I’m pretty new to Cinematics on Unreal engine 4 and I’m trying to do a day night system where you have a menu and when you click on the time icon it plays the rate faster until it gets to the frame.

I tried very hard to understand the frame variables, but I couldn’t so I used markers and I used the node “play to marked frame” but it just snaps to the frame and I wanted to play until it gets there (to have a little animation of the time changing).

I managed to make it happen on the level blueprint with a buch of math, basicly tracking a cube posisiton as the “day time” and playing a hight rate until the cube gets to x position, BUT, the thing is, I don’t want to press a buttoon and get to the time, I want to be able to press a widget button and get to the time. I know I can make it happen with dispatchers based on the current setup I have on the level blueprint, but again, I can’t work well with them.

My question is: Is it possible to setup a blueprint widget that has it playing on a fast rate until a marker and then slow it down?

If so can anyone help me please? I’m working on this for a week now