when i use "(" in the variable name, the value does not copy when i duplicate BP

I have a variable “size(x)” in the BP, when I duplicate this BP on the map the value of this variable is set to default. This is bug or feature?

I just tried this and can confirm. I can only assume it’s a bug from unsanitised inputs on variable names and the way Unreal tries to process the textual representation of the BP. Weird. Why are you putting brackets in your variables anyway? That’s creepy.

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I know it’s creepy…

Maybe there is another way to achieve the same goal? i.e. when duplicating BP not copying the value of the variable?

Any types of special symbols within variable types is a risk. In normal programming your code would plainly not compile. Adding anything but letters & numbers to a variable is just a blueprint luxury and it seems it’s not a 100% implemented well.

I’d stick to basic naming.