When I try to use a texture for an image in my UMG widget I get this weird error

Just trying to follow this simple two minute tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Custom Mouse Cursors - YouTube where he creates a custom mouse cursor.

I create a new UMG widget, I add an image Widget, I try to add a texture like the UE4 logo Card to the image, and I get this message:

An object [UE4_LOGO_CARD] of class [Texture2D] already exists in file [/Game/Mannequin/Character/Textures/UE4_LOGO_CARD]. Do you want to replace the existing object? If you click ‘Yes’, the existing object will be deleted. Otherwise, click ‘No’ and choose a unique name for your new object.

If I click YES the texture image turns solid green and nothing appears in the image box I added to the widget, If I click no nothing happens.

Everyone else seems to have no problems (As usual) based on the video commentary and upvote / downvote ratio.
But I guess I am not loved by the UE4 gods.

I don’t get it, why would it matter if it already existed in another file, WHO CARES, I’m just trying to use the texture for the image, you can use a texture for multiple things right? Not just one right? I’m not crazy right?!?!?!?!

I swear to god this program is %^#$^&% maddening sometimes

Well I found the answer, and its that UE4 is buggy as ■■■■.

For some reason when you click the drop down arrow of the brush after having worked with your project for any period of time, it wont give you the drop down menu, instead it opens up a window and has you select the file / texture manually, then it either gives you the option to save or close. If this happens your boned, and it wont work, it will assume your trying to create a new texture file for some reason, and instead of simply selecting that texture to use for your UMG widget, it will save over the texture file first, and then set it as your image…

I got it to work finally, by closing out of the program, then immediately creating a new widget blueprint, putting the image into the canvas panel, and then clicking the drop down menu, at which pint it FINAL gave me the drop down menu instead of the stupid window that was having me manually select it.